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EABurns Ring (£155) & Bracelet (£220)

I have recently discovered an amazing British jewellery designer EABurns - founded in 2011 by designer and stylist Lizzie Burns – who’s range includes strong and modern statement accessories. Her range is so beautiful and original – including these to pieces which are part of the most traditional and also my favourite of her three collections – Ancient Rites – which features 18 carat gold vermeil, 100% recycled silver and bio-plastic styles, all in geometric and angular shapes.

Sustainability is a huge part of the brand – they buy pieces that are too small to be useful and otherwise discarded, and all the collections are handmade with minimal waste and energy use. Which makes the jewellery that extra special (also a really unique Christmas present).

I particularly love the gold bracelet, which looks great stacked with a really strong watch. Another great addition to my arm candy (and ring) collection.

Check out her full range here!