I have put together some of the highlight gifts from Christmas, including a scented candle from Jo Malone, a curling tong from Remington (already my new best friend), personalised bathrobe, studded leather loafers from Bertie, knee-high boots from Kurt Geiger, perfume from Byredo, vintage gold watch from Sekonda, the cutest make-up case from Ted Baker, and some more bits which I will show you later on.

One of the best surprises was a trip to Croatia in May from my fiancee – as I will soon be sharing with you, we are currently preparing for our wedding over there (although, it’s not before Spring 2014, there is a lot of planning to be done!). In the new year, I will be sharing inspiration and sneek peek’s in preparation for the big day.

Just a little note… In the end of the day this blog is about shopping and superficial things in life. I love sharing with you my latest purhcases, outfits and finds – this blog has turned into a real escapism for me, where I can write, create and put things together to hopefully inspire you readers. However Christmas is also a time to reflect upon the less fortunate, those who have little or are without family and friends. Christmas is a time of giving and receiving, and I’m by no means trying to pretend that I don’t enjoy doing this myself (being fortunate enough to do so). This doesn’t mean I don’t reflect upon the much more important things in life; being healthy, having an amazing family and being financially stable. There are far more important things I care about than having nice things. Christmas is good time to remind myself how lucky I am, be aware, help where I can, and not to take anything for granted. 

Hope you’ve all had an amazing Christmas.


Anneli x