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As I’m a vegetarian (well a ‘Pescetarian’ – I eat seafood), and always running around like mad – I need that extra boost with supplements. This time of year, I always feel so run down and constantly tired.

I looked into it what would work best for me, and I was told that Spirulina contains the highest known concentration of food nutrition. Taking this supplement, alongside my day-to-day diet (containing a lot of fish, beans, cheese and greens) – these tablets (also available in powder form) is supposed to increase my energy level (and do I need it) + build up my stamina. Also, as I don’t have any red meat in my diet – I need that extra iron boost, which Spirulina apparently provides.

As always, a review will follow!

Lifestream Bioactive Spirulina, £13.94 from Planet Health Direct.