“A personal code for living a better, happier, more successful kind of life” .

With so many self-help books – there is a lot of general ‘blaahh’, as I like to call it. A lot of words, but many of which are quite hard to digest and put into action. ‘The Rules of Life‘, by Richard Templar, instantly stroke me as more of an ‘easy read’ – with two pages dedicated to each ‘rule’. It’s written really clear and simple, with a whole lot of common sense (one being ‘Accept What is Done is Done‘ – I need to work on this one for sure).

So far (I am on rule 11) – there is a lot of stuff which is neither new or groundbreaking. They’re just simple reminders broken down into realistic examples and achievements. With my stress led and hectic life, it’s sometimes nice to just stop up and reflect over life and what really matters. And if one needs a book or someone to talk to through this, there’s no shame in that!

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