carvenJacket: Carven, £660, from Avenue 32.

This jacket. Perfection! There are a few things that really excite me. Food and interiors being one (as you might have noticed!). Fashion, of course – haven always been a very big part of my life. However fashion is so broad, and as I work with it every day, it takes a lot to really ‘wow’ me these days.

Stunning pieces such as this insane jacket from Carven, really excite me. Come on - it’s a metallic bomber! Cuteness overload. Now that I’m getting older, my pieces are becoming more investment based, high on quality and neutral colours. Although not maybe apparent at first glance -  this is a longevity piece, in my opinion. The bomber shape is here to stay, and metallic; well it’s super chic and versatile – especially teamed with simple components such as black and tailoring.

So here you go – I’ve summed up perfection in my eyes. Now, how can I make this mine for Xmas? *Hint*